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Coca-Cola bottles from around the world

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I collect glass, shrink-wrapped Coca-Cola bottles from around the world, and now have over 2000 different Coca-Cola bottles. Some of the rarest Coca-Cola bottles that I have on display are the Black Blockbuster Coca-Cola bottle from Australia, KISS Coca-Cola bottle from France, the CCNA bottle from the USA, and a Coca-Cola bottle produced to commemorate the Renewal of the Olympic Partnership in China.

I also have a number of autographed Coca-Cola bottles in my collection, including, a signed Matthew Williamson set of four bottles in a signed pink carrier, an autographed Michael Young bottle, an autographed Manolo Blahnik bottle and a set of four autographed Patricia Field bottles in a signed silver carrier.

Please have a look around my site for more pictures of limited edition, collectable Coca-Cola bottles.

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This website will give you a chance to view my collection of rare & limited edition Coca-Cola bottles. I will also display pictures of bottles that I am currently trying to find. If there is anything missing, please get in touch.
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Please feel free to contact me at any time. Send me an email using the contact form, or the email address below.

Daniel Morris
London, England